Why You Need Our Car Import Brokers in Australia

While car import brokers have been in the vehicle importing industry for years, very few have bothered to focus on the personal import market, so we get that you may not understand what makes Iron Lady Imports special. There are many reasons why you should choose our vehicle importing agents for vehicle import approval in Australia, some of which are covered below. You can also contact us directly for more advice, guidance and assistance.

Reasons to Avoid Removal Companies

If you get a quote from a removal company just to get vehicle import approval, you will most likely be given an ‘all in’ figure that will cover the process through to clearing your vehicle off the docks in Australia. The problem with this is you never really know how much profit they are making, as the mark-ups are all hidden. Chances are you’ll get good customer service, but you’ll pay a hefty premium for the privilege, when in reality, everyone tends to use the same shipping companies anyway. To cap it off, there’s no assistance when you need to register your vehicle either.

Reasons to Avoid Shipping Companies

If you get a quote from a shipping company, it will probably sound really cheap, but generally shipping companies will only quote you the cost of shipping itself, not the charges at the Australian end. Of course, once your car is on the boat, the shipping company can slug you with all sorts of miscellaneous fees and charges in Australia, and if you want to clear your car off the docks, you have no option but to pay the bill.

History has also shown that shipping companies will assume a LOT of knowledge from their customers – shippers are generally used to dealing with large scale exporters who know the vehicle import approval process inside out rather than private customers with one or two vehicles shipping their vehicles for the first time. So while the price may seem cheap on paper, remember that when mistakes occur, they will invariably end up costing you money.

For example, if your vehicle gets stuck on the wharf in Australia (and this can easily happen if you don’t have the right documentation), storage at some ports is AUD$70 per day! And again, once the vehicle is off the docks, you’re on your own when the time comes to get it registered.

Reasons to Use a Vehicle Import Broker

As a vehicle import broker, the only fee you pay to Iron Lady Imports is our service fee. All other expenses associated with the shipping of your vehicle are at cost price from our suppliers (and in some cases below the retail rate where our suppliers work out special deals for Iron Lady customers) – to prove this, we send the suppliers’ invoices directly to you and you pay them rather than us.

Your service fee also buys our experience and understanding of the vehicle import approval process. We import hundreds of vehicles each year from various parts of the world, and often there can be complications or delays with the process. In most cases, they’re problems we’ve already seen and dealt with in the past, so we know how to fix them quickly and expediently, saving you time and money. We’ve seen many potential customers decide to go it alone, only to get ‘rescue calls’ from them later on, and it’s generally because a) they’ve considered minor difficulties to be major ones, or even worse, b) have underestimated the gravity of major problems.

Importing a vehicle to Australia comes with a level of risk – with so many people involved in the process, there’s always potential for something to go wrong. While our car import brokers in Australia can’t eliminate the risks all together, using Iron Lady Imports helps to minimise the dramas, at a time when you’re usually stressing about a million other things moving to (or back to) Australia!

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