What We Do

Iron Lady Imports works as a vehicle import broker, arranging the importation of your vehicle – we’re not a shipping company, customs agent or workshop.

While there are some suppliers that we have worked well with in the past and can recommend, we are not aligned to or affiliated with any particular shipping company, customs agent or workshop.

If you have shipping company, for example, that you would rather use for importing your vehicle, then that’s no problem, we can work with them just as easily as we do our regular suppliers. If you’re shipping your vehicle as part of your personal effects, again, this is not a problem for us.

What We Don’t Do

Iron Lady Imports specialises in moving vehicles, and as such we are NOT a removal company. In some cases, customers have been able to arrange to put their personal effects in containers with their vehicles, but that is something that would need to be negotiated between you and the shipping company concerned. So don’t ask us for an ‘all in’ quote to move all your household furniture! We only do vehicles!

In addition, we are not car dealers. We do not search for vehicles on your behalf overseas. Once you’ve found the vehicle of your dreams and have negotiated your sale, we handle the rest of the import process (although check with us to double check the vehicle you’re buying is eligible, just in case!).

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